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  • DSD CHALLENGE | Countdown

    Hello! I hope you have been having a great time enjoying all the DSD games and challenges that have been running over the last few days, and of course taking advantage of the sales too!
    Today I have one of the last challenges for you, and it is the Countdown Challenge, I hope you are going to love it! The idea is that you create a page or hybrid project that uses 10 of something, then 9 of something else, 8 of something different... and so on until you get to just 1 of something, and then you are done!

    Here is my page:

    [credits: Rachel Etrog Designs - Get Outdoors kit, creashens - You stitches and Dawn by Design - Sans Serif Alpha]

    I used:
    10 - sequins
    9 - flowers
    8 - letters of an alpha (to make the title)
    7 - leaves
    6 - lines of journaling
    5 - lines of stitching
    4 - papers
    3 - date tabs
    2 - word strips
    1 - photo
    0 - and nothing else!

    Here's another example created by Creative Team member Heidi Nicole...

    [credits: Audacity by Anita Designs and Karla Noel, Day Planner Collab by The Digital Press designers, and Project Twenty Fifteen Brushes by Wishing Well Creations]

    She used:
    10 - lines of journaling
    9 - stamps
    8 - sequins
    7 - heart stickers
    6 - stitches
    5 - word strips
    4 - numbers brads
    3 - film strip frames
    2 - flowers
    1 - photo

    This was so much fun to do, and was much easier than I thought it was going to be (phew!). Now it is over to you, I hope you will enjoy playing along with this challenge, and I can't wait to see how you will make your countdown page. You can use any elements you like, and your background paper is a freebie (so you don't count it), but apart from the background paper, the only things allowed on your page are the countdown items. I'd love you to make a little list for me of the countdown items too, pretty please!

    The rules of the challenge:
    1. Your layout must use 100% TDP product.
    2. Every item used on the page must be part of the countdown (so 10 of something, 9 of something else, 8 of whatever and so on).
    3. You must post your layout in the TDP gallery and then start a post in this thread and link up the image (and link it to the gallery post).
    4. Your layout must be posted in this thread no later than 11:59pm PT on Wed 10/10 in order to be eligible to win one of the CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRIZE awards (don't forget to visit that thread and put your prize choices in rank order!). Winners will be announced in the TDP newsletter on Friday 10/12.
    Last edited by Heidi Nicole; 10-11-2018, 04:07 PM.

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    Here is mine. That was a little tricky but fun.

    10 sequins
    9 triangles
    8 confetti
    7 lines of journaling
    6 flowers
    5 photos
    4 circle motivation elements
    3 lines of stitching
    2 journal cards
    1 word art title
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    • Heidi Nicole
      Heidi Nicole commented
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      Love it, Tiffany! I must say, I struggled a bit with this... then realized I didn't count my paper! Lol! Oops... Your layout is amazing!

    • tiffany scraps
      tiffany scraps commented
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      Well crap Heidi Nicole! I didn't count my paper either. I could easily revise by counting the background paper and then the 9 papers used for the triangles to be my #10 and then remove the sequins. What do you say corrin

    • corrin
      corrin commented
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      tiffany scraps - you are ok, the background paper is a freebie (because you can't really make a page without it!) - so you are all good!

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    Had a lot of fun with this was easier than I had anticipated.

    10 brown beads
    9 buttons
    8 circle scatter
    7 words of journaling
    6 flowers
    5 cut out circles
    4 papers
    3 ribbons
    2 photos
    1 word art stamp


    • corrin
      corrin commented
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      it is more fun that it initially sounds isn't it!! and your page is great, love the repeated circles! Thanks for playing along

    • Heidi Nicole
      Heidi Nicole commented
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      Love it! Cute page Thanks for playing along!

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    10. lines of journaling
    9. staples
    8. arrows (chevrons)
    7. stamps (some used more than once, and I counted that pumpkin with wings as a stamp)
    6. patterned papers
    5. paint (same one used over and over again)
    4. screws (fasteners)
    3. solid papers
    2. alphas & word arts (oops)
    1. tag


    • corrin
      corrin commented
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      love it Carrie - you live near the most fun people, I can't believe there how far those pumpkins will go!! Thanks for playing along

    • Heidi Nicole
      Heidi Nicole commented
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      I've always wanted to go punkin chunkin! lol!

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    Here's mine:

    10 - Photos
    9 - Leaves
    8 - Flowers
    7 - Letter
    6 - Buttons
    5 – Black stripes
    4 - Numbers
    3 - Bows
    2 - Banners
    1 - Umbrella


    • corrin
      corrin commented
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      what a fun and original page design, I love it! Thanks for playing along

    • Heidi Nicole
      Heidi Nicole commented
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      I LOVE that you used 10 photos! You're my hero!

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    That was fun!

    10 leaves
    9 mushrooms
    8 acorns
    7 persimmon stickers
    6 flowers
    5 papers
    4 journal cards
    3 alphas


    • corrin
      corrin commented
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      hi Barbara! well done, I love that you have used so many alphas and journal cards, and even 2 frames, just a clever use of items to make your gorgeous page! Thanks for joining in the challenge