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DSD GAME | Where Are The Vowels?!

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  • DSD GAME | Where Are The Vowels?!

    Hello Everybody!

    This years DSD is already coming to an end, today is our last celebration day and it't time for another game you don't want to miss.

    For this game we want to decode those strange looking sentences. The vowels got totally cut out and need to be brought back.

    So how do we play this?

    The host will post a sentence, but with the vowels removed. The next poster will decode it and then post another sentence. The words I and A can be replaced by an underscore.

    Here is an example: "_blv_cn fly" is "I believe I can fly", and "wht's gng n n ths thrd?" is "What's going on in this thread?"

    And what would be the fun in playing games, if there weren't any prizes? Nothing, I know. So anyone who participates in this game throughout our week-long DSD celebration (Oct 1st - Oct 7th) will be entered to win $5 to spend in "Cornelia Designs" shop here at TDP.

    So now it's your turn.

    Decode my sentence and leave yours next!

    _wsh_ cld hv smmr dys ll yr lng.

    Looking forward to have fun with you. Enjoy the game.

  • #2
    I wish I could have summer days all year long.

    Frgt smmr, _ lv ctbr!


    • #3
      Forget Summer, I love October!

      Hllwn s jst rnd th crnr


      • #4
        Halloween is just around the corner

        Crsp fll dys nd clrfl lvs r th bst!


        • #5
          Crisp fall days and colorful leaves are the best!

          Drmng of _ wht chrstms


          • #6
            Dreaming of a white christmas

            tmn s _ scnd sprng whn vry lf s _ flwr


            • #7
              Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

              b yrslf vryn ls s lrdy tkn


              • #8
                Be yourself everyone else is taken

                Nvr rgrt nythng tht md you sml


                • #9
                  Never regret anything that made you smile.

                  Lrn frm ystrdy, Lv fr tdy, Hp fr tmrrw - lbrt nstn


                  • #10
                    Learn from yesteday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow - A Einstein

                    Whn n dr clss anthr pns. . . HKllr


                    • #11
                      When one door closes another opens - Helen Keller

                      Th gd mn s th frnd f ll lvng thngs - Gndh
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                      • #12
                        the good man is the friend of all living things - Gandhi

                        Y 'r gnn nd _ bggr bt



                        • #13
                          You're gonna end (with a) bigger but!! - I am pretty sure that is not the phrase you had in mind, I think I might not be too good at this game (and I should stop eating the cookies now!). Please let me know what you were hoping the phrase would be!!

                          T mny cks spl th brth


                          • mocamom
                            mocamom commented
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                            :LOL!!! Corrin you crack me up It was supposed to be "You're gonna need a bigger boat" from the movie Jaws. It was my very first scary movie I ever saw. I didn't get in the water for years afterwards!! (and now I've dated myself hehe)

                          • corrin
                            corrin commented
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                            ahhh! my hubby and daughter use that line all the time to each other!! I'm so sorry I had to lower the tone, but once I had seen the butt phrase, I couldn't see anything else!!

                          • Hillary
                            Hillary commented
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                            I am dying laughing at this. Thanks Corrin!

                        • #14
                          Too many cooks spoil the broth

                          Evry cld hs _ slvr lnng