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    Hi everyone...Happy DSD weekend! WOOP. Are you ready to have some fun with me this weekend?
    I'm hosting the SHOW ME game..

    ...this is a fun 'treasure hunt' sort of game, in which I will start off asking you to find an item (eg balloons, candy, etc.).
    YOU will then search/ hunt to find that item in a product in the shop, or a layout in the gallery
    - then link up YOUR ANSWER with that image in your REPLY thread
    PLUS the new object you then want the NEXT person to find..

    ARE YOU READY?????
    I want you to find

    And just for playing with you stand a chance to win a $5 coupon to my store to spend as you wish!

    This is an IMAGE based game so I made up a little 'show and tell' to help those who don't know how to insert pics in their reply threads:

    1. Once you have found your item and have opened it to view.... - right click on the IMAGE and click copy image location.
    2. Click on Post Reply on the bottom of the forum thread .
    3. Click on the A next to the smiley face and the posting editor will open as shown above.
    4. Click on the IMAGE icon and a pop up box will appear.
    5. Simply right click and PASTE - the URL for the image that you copied earlier will now show in this box.
    6. Click OK and voila - your image is now in your reply post.
    7. Don't forget to add the LINK for the product/layout too for others to look at
    You can also add the URL manually with BBCODE : (sounds confusing but it's not so bad-lol)
    All you have to do VIEW IMAGE and it will open in a new tab... copy the URL and paste in the text of your post (it will usually end in .jpg) between this line
    [ I M G ] ---add your image URL here--- [ / I M G ]
    Remember to leave NO SPACES when you paste your URL between the middle brackets and you are done.


    Have fun and if you have any QUESTIONS - just shout. XXXXXXXX

  • #2
    Oooh! I know this one! haha...

    Now... go find... a FOX!
    ~ Laura ~


    • KimB
      KimB commented
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      HAHAHAHAHA- lol, but you're disqualified ;-P

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    How about some cactus?


    • #4
      Here are some cacti....

      Now find a book (or books) :-)


      • #5

        can you find me a cat?


        • #6
          Here's a cat:

          Now find me a llama!!!
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            Woot woot! Game on! I know I am not in the run to win anything but I can't resist this kind of scavenger hunt!!

            Here is your llama!!

            Now can you find me a...pear. I love pears!!


            • #8
              A perfect pear!!

              'Now find me an Eagle


              • #9
                Check this patriotic, baseball hat wearing EAGLE!


                Okay... Now find a pair of eye glasses


                • #10


                  Now show me ice cream.


                  • #11
                    Here's some ice cream

                    Now find a pencil


                    • #12

                      Find an umbrella!


                      • #13

                        Find me a dog!


                        • #14

                          Now find some fireworks


                          • #15

                            find a cat