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  • DSD Game | Make a Siggie

    Hi there, it's Jen -- a.k.a. Jen C Designs.

    Hopefully, you've already been enjoying the fun times of DSD at TDP! DSD is always filled with sales, fun, games and challenges and I love to set aside the weekend to play along. This year I am hosting the siggie game for you and I can't wait to see what you create -- both in this game and other games and challenges.

    First things first -- here is a post here with some relevant and helpful information -- All About Siggies and Avatars.

    Forum Signatures (a.k.a. "Siggies")

    If you choose to use an image-based signature here in the forum, we ask that you please limit its size to 150 pixels tall. It can be any width you choose (up to a max of 900 pixels, which is the most that the forum supports).
    1. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and choose User Settings.
    2. Click "Account" and scroll about halfway down the page to the section that's labeled "Conversation Detail Options". There, you should see in green -- "Edit Post Signature" -- and that's where you can enter your signature.
    3. To add your signature in text, simply type it in as you wish it to appear.
    4. To add your signature as an image... link it in using BBCode image tags once you have the image hosted at another site (like Imgur, Flickr, etc.).

    **ETA: After you click on the "Edit Post Signature", be sure to click on the "A" so you can have more functions to add your siggy (it toggles the advanced editor)!

    Participants must use 100% TDP products (freebies are acceptable) to create a siggie, then load it into your forum account to use as your forum signature.
    Post in this thread to show off your new siggie and to be entered to win a prize.

    Deadline is 11:59pm PT on Wed October 3

    Anyone who participates in this game throughout our week-long DSD celebration will be entered to win $5 to spend in the Jen C Designs shop!

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    Here is mine. Thanks for the chance to win.


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      Thanks for the chance to win! Changing my siggie was long overdue. I'm so happy to finally have made a new one! Here it is:


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        Here's my updated siggie. Thanks for the chance to win!


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          Here's mine:


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              Mine needed an update for sure! Thanks for the motivation!


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                I've updated mine


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                  If it weren't for these challenges, I'd probably never change mine LOL
                  Thanks for the challenge!!


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                    Not displaying as full size. Very strange....

                    Finally working....

                    Thanks for the challenge. I needed a change.
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