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  • DSD GAME | Gallery Standouts

    Hello there everyone, and welcome to DSD week at The Digital Press!

    We're going to kick this week's games off with our GALLERY STANDOUTS game, in order to get everyone looking through the gallery, and inspired and ready to celebrate this memory-keeping "holiday" that we all love so much -- Digital Scrapbooking Day (DSD), which is this Saturday 10/6!

    We all love to see the eye candy that people leave in the gallery at TDP when they post their layouts there... and we also all love to get comments on our layouts, as well! As such, this game will simply require that participants must pick one (1) of their own favorite layouts (from your own gallery) --AND-- two (2) other layouts from other people's galleries (found anywhere in the main gallery here at TDP)... and post all 3 of those images here, in a post down below this.

    That's all you have to do to participate in this game!

    Don't forget that anyone who participates in this game will be entered for a chance to win the prize for this game... which is a $5 gift certificate that can be spent in my shop through the end of the month (winners will be announced in the 10/12 edition of The Digital Press News)!

    • To "grab" the link to each full-size (900px) layout that you'd like to display... simply click on the "view larger image" link that appears beneath each layout (once you're on that layout's page)... and then right-click on that large image when it opens in a pop-up window, and choose "save image URL" (or "copy image address" -- or similar -- depending on what browser you use).
    • To "post" the image here in a thread... either use the image icon on the editor/menu when you are writing your post... or... simply use BBCODE tags. All you have to do is "paste" your image URL in the text of your post (it will usually end in .jpg) -- AND -- then "wrap" that image URL in some IMAGE TAGS. It will look like this (I'm adding spaces here so the forum doesn't assume I'm trying to post the image, and decode it --- but you should leave the spaces out)...
    • [ I M G ] ---add your image URL here--- [ / I M G ]
      (again... ^ do this, but don't add any spaces between anything)
    • You can also link people straight to the gallery page that contains the image (as I have done, below) by copying/pasting the URL that appears in the top address bar of your browser window when you open that image in the gallery.
    • Finally, if you want to tag one of the people whose layouts you have selected, when you write your post (as I've done, below)... simply look at their username in the gallery, and then type it here in the forum with the @ symbol in front of it. Make sure if you add any apostrophes/etc. (as I did, below) that you leave a space so the forum doesn't think that it's part of their username.
    Let us know if you have trouble posting -- or any other questions we can answer!

    Meanwhile, don't forget to leave love in the gallery for each of the layouts that you choose...
    Here's one from my own gallery. While I haven't actually had time to scrap a new page in AGES (iSad!)... this one's always been a favorite of mine, because of the story it tells. These photos never fail to crack me up!...

    Here's a page I found in Mother Bear 's gallery... and I love the contrast of the bright/bold colors and the really calm white background! Also love her adorable photo...

    ...and finally, here's a page I love that comes from chili 's gallery here at TDP. How cool is the painty effect on top of the woodgrain background? Love these colors, too...

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    ~ Laura ~

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    Here's one of my more recent faves:

    THis one by caapmunro- I love the messiness of the splatters & doodles! And that gorgeous photo!

    And this one by tiffany_scraps because that is just the best moment in life- a brand new baby! I love how the photo takes center stage!


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      Here is one of my recent favs

      And I just adore these

      by tammybean04 How gorgeous is this page! I love the lace and beautiful patterns

      by MargelZ The depth is absolutely stunning!!


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        What a fun game!! It was hard picking out my own favorite because I'm so self critical. I always feel like mine stink and everyone else's are great. But I really like this one. I love the feeling of calm that I get from seeing it, but also it brings back memories of when my daughter was happy. I love that!

        Now it was super easy to pick out some fantastic layouts from the gallery!! The first is from our own designer Akizo. First of all, how can you not love a layout that a designer made??? hehe Seriously, I love the way she uses the paint as a background and that unusual photo shape really draws the eye to her black and white photo. I struggle with single photo layouts and she does this so well that I envy her!!

        And my second is from AnnePC. I honestly could just showcase her whole gallery. I don't think there is a picture I don't like. And can I tell you a secret??? I often scraplift her layouts (and Hillary's). They are all what I want to be able to do - simple, clean, gorgeous, powerful, eye catching, etc. I could go on and on. Don't you love that she puts SIX photos on a page and yet it looks gorgeous with the white space???

        I so wish I could add more than 2. That's the hardest part to this game. There are some seriously talented ladies here and I get a jump in my mojo every time I peek through the galleries here!!!



        • Anne PC
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          oooh ! Thank you so much for your kind words !

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        Here's mine... it captures one of my favorite autumn drives and it makes me excited for our up coming fall vacation

        My first choice is Soda Pop and Ellie by Hillary. I love her white space and her minimal color pallet.... and it's kittens, for heaven sake.. who can resist kittens.

        My second choice is Maternity Leave by Chloe. I LOVE her honest journaling (so relate-able for many expectant mothers, I'm sure.) and I love that everything runs across the top of her page.


        • Hillary
          Hillary commented
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          Aww Thanks Donna. <3

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        Here is one of my favorites from my gallery. I'm sad that the summer days are gone and being barefoot outdoors is not an option for a while.

        I also love this one from Anne PC The clean lines and design draw me in.

        And this one from sylvia The minimal clean page and use of white space are fantastic.

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        • Anne PC
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          Thnak you so much doe picking up my layout with my sweet boy

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        I think that this one of mine is one of my new favorites. I love the colors, that striped background paper, and I am always a sucker for white space.

        For one of my two layouts from the gallery, I picked this one by Donnatopia. I loved the different circles, and the flowers that she scattered around the layout. It is so sweet and elegant.

        For my second layout I decided to take a peek into the layouts that I have in my favorites, and I decided on this one by corrin. I always love her little clusters that help draw your eye around the whole page, like the one at the top of this layout.


        • Donnatopia
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          aw, thanks Hillary

        • corrin
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          thank Hillary! <3

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        Here is one of the layouts I liked by blackkathy :

        One of my gallery:

        Thought this was such a fun, well done seasonal page by AmieN1:
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          here's one of my fave page :

          I love the clean design and the crop of the pictures

          I love the big picture and the gorgeous cluster


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            I liked this recent page of mine - I love the photo of my daughter and her best frind, and I loved the kit from Dawn by Design, the word art was perfect, and the little hash tags just seemed to fit!

            and this one by Donnatopia is brilliant! Such fun photos, and the page design just adds to it with bright colours and a title in a fun font!

            I also love this one from hyentrang43 - such a beachy feel with the paint and seagulls, and I love the circles too!
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            • Donnatopia
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              Thanks Corrin.... I really love the one you picked for yourself too. So fun and playful!

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            Love the colors in this and the story of William's piano playing.

            I love the full page picture on this layout

            I love the colors of this page and having a quote with no pictures!
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              One of my favs:

              and one of my favs is this layout created by Sharon Dewi:

              I love the page borders and the henna-like chipboard at the top. and of course, the yummy looking food.

              and this one by Kiana caught my eye with the bright colors and fun paper patterns and maybe the couple of cuties with their wonderful smiles:


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                Wow there are SO MANY amazing and inspiring pages in here (and the gallery!!)

                Here is one of mine, which also happens to be the only page I have in the gallery as I just started playing games here last month for the Digi-Morph!

                I love this one by shannonc- it is amazing the way she did the circles of the photo!!

                I also love this one by akizo- I am a huge fan of her templates, so it is no wonder this is one of my faves!


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                  I don't have many LOs in my gallery here yet, but this is my favorite one I have made with TDP products so far because I just adore all those pretty papers!

                  I love the simple beauty of this page and the quote and the stitches by ninigoesdigi

                  This gorgeous page by caapmunro is just wonderful! I love the photo work, the blending, the use of the buttons....just everything!


                  • ninigoesdigi
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                    Thank you! You make me blush!

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                  Happy DSD everyone! I love browsing the gallery so I'm on this....

                  First, my (latest) favorite from yours truly. This was done for the Sept. Digi-Morph. It was a LOT OF FUN and I am happy with my page and all the pages from the participants.

                  Next up is Maribel's page. I am a big fan of hers. Every single page she makes is outstanding and full of great memories. It was super hard to pick one but I settled with this as I love Q&A with the kids.

                  Lastly, sucali is also a favorite of mine. She is one of the masters of white space layouts. Here's my pick from her gorgeous gallery. Such a sweet moment captured...