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  • DSD GAME | Least Favorite

    To participate in this game, each person will simply answer the question posed by the person who posted directly above them... and will then leave a new question for whoever comes next. So, for instance, the I will leave a "What is your least favorite ___?" question in the top post. The next person will answer it, and then leave her own question! Got it?

    Okay- what is your least favorite day of the week?

    And before I forget anyone who participates in this game throughout our week-long DSD celebration will be entered to win $5 to spend in -- Dawn by Design-- in the form of a coupon code!
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    Least favorite day of the week is probably Monday - only because I wish I had an extra day before work Always hard to start the week.

    What is your least favorite vegetable?


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      Hhhmmm ... I'm a big veggie fan - yes, I'm one of 'those people' that even loves brussels sprouts! LOL Least favorite is probably artichoke because of all the prep. it takes to reap the benefits of actually eating it.

      Next: What is your least favorite holiday?


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        My least favorite holiday is Christmas. The religious part I celebrate fully and happily but it's the social and cultural norms (yes, even the gift giving) that go along with it that leave me feeling deflated and overwhelmed every year.

        What is your least favorite household chore (and don't say "all of them", ha!)?


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          I'm with you. I struggle with Christmas too, which most people seem unable to comprehend. I think what I hate most is the severe case of 'the gimme's' that so many people, including my own kids, seem to contract and struggle to get over. Sigh.

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        I think my least favorite chore would have to be laundry. With 6 of us, and 3 that like to change clothes A LOT, there is soooo much that needs to be done.

        What is your least favorite kid cartoon?
        ----- HILLARY -----


        • #6
          lol Caillou ALL THE WAY! SO glad my kids are past that age!

          What is your least favorite clothing item?


          • #7

            What is your least favorite color?


            • #8
              Probably purple just because its so hard to craft with due to the limited supplies in that color

              What is your least favorite time of day?


              • #9
                Around 5 pm. Because of the traffic jams.

                What's your least favorite season?


                • #10
                  My least favorite season is Winter. I don't like the cold or the snow.

                  What is your least favorite kind of shopping?


                  • #11
                    computer stuff (because I don't really get it, half the time I wouldn't even know if what I am looking at is the right thing, and not much of it comes in pretty colours or looks very appealing. yet most of it seems to cost quite a lot!)

                    What is your least favourite meal?


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                      I can't stand any meal or any recipe or anything with corn!! When I was younger my parents went to Turkey for a month and left us with a nanny. She served corn (my mom was a bulk shopper even back then!). When my parents came home and fixed dinner that night, my mom served corn not knowing what Mrs. Hagalongs had done. I literally threw up at the table and have hated corn every since!!!

                      What was your least favorite subject in school?


                      • #13
                        My least favorite subject in school was French. I wasn't very good at it.

                        What's your least favorite television show?


                        • #14
                          We're not big TV watchers, but I can't stand TV shows like The Bachelor or Big Brother. All those annoying, shallow people in one place makes me angry. lol

                          What's your least favorite fruit?


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                            Lemons or grapefuit, much to sour for my liking.

                            What's your least favourite house work chore?