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  • DSD GAME | Ask the Next Person Anything

    Happy Saturday everyone! I'm super excited to host this game! It's going to be so much fun!

    With this game, I will leave a question in the forum. The next person will answer my question and then leave a question of their own for the next person who posts. And so on ...

    The best part? Anyone who participates in this game during our week-long DSD celebration (Sept 25 - Oct 2) will be entered to win a $5 coupon for River~Rose Designs' shop here at TDP!

    My question to get us started is - What is your favorite color?

  • #2
    Green especially a vibrant lime green but any shade will do

    Have you scrapped yet this weekend or have you just been shopping?



    • #3
      I didn't scrapped this weekend, yesterday, I only bought 1 cu product and that is... I promised myself to purchase not a lot this year with DSD, don't know yet if I can keep that promise

      What is your favorite day of the week?


      • #4
        Monday - because the kids go to school/work and I have the house to myself with delightful peace and quiet.

        Where do you go to get away from the demands of life?


        • #5
          I go home to get away from the demands of life. And I sit in my comfy chair with the foot thing up and turn on Netflix- currently Parks and Rec- and binge watch.

          What's your favorite season?


          • #6
            I don't really prefer one over the others, but in Autumn I'm really looking forward to colder temps and stunning sunsets.

            What was your last meal?


            • #7
              wierd picky bits! (We arrived home hungry, but late for lunch!) - so crisps, carrot sticks, tomato, cheese, crackers, apple.

              what colour/pattern are your socks today?


              • #8
                White reebok ankle socks with black stripes on the arch

                what at is your favorite activity on the weekend?


                • #9
                  Sleeping in!

                  What's the #1 household chore that you hate to do - to the point where you'd pay someone to do it, if you could?


                  • #10
                    Windows (and I could pay someone else to do it, but that means I'd actually have to pay someone else to do it.....).

                    What is your least favorite holiday?


                    • KatieFLapple
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                      Probably Halloween. I still celebrate because my kiddos love it, but it's really not my thing.

                      What is your favorite food?

                  • #11
                    My favorite food is pizza! Could eat it almost every day!

                    Do you like to decorate your house for the holidays?


                    • #12
                      I do BUT my house is very I have to be very careful not to over do it!
                      Sweet or Salty?


                      • #13
                        I'm leaning toward salty these days since sweet makes my teeth hurt anymore.

                        What's for dinner tonight?


                        • #14
                          new potatoes, peas, green beans, sweetcorn, and chicken (all cooked by hubby - yay!)

                          how many of the plants in your garden can you name?


                          • #15
                            Well my garden is all done for the season but I had 5 plants and I know all their names. LOL

                            What's the one pet peeve you have?