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    Need a road map? We know there's a lot going on, and we hope this post will help guide you.
    1. STORE-WIDE SALE (FRI-SAT-SUN) --- 50% OFF our brand new Special Edition collection (launching Fri 9/30), 40% OFF almost everything else in the store, and some extra special deals and grab bags that will probably blow your mind! Check the newsletter on Friday 9/30 for more info!
    2. CHALLENGES --- We've got 7 different challenges planned this weekend (1 on Thurs 9/29 to kick things off, and 2 each day on Fri-Sat-Sun). Participate in as many as you'd like -- and for every challenge you complete, you'll earn one entry in each of our 7 DSD challenge prize drawings. Make sure you stop by THIS THREAD to leave us your prize ranking info!
    3. GAMES --- We started the games on Sunday 9/25, and have launched a new one each day since... and we'll add 2 per day on Fri-Sat-Sun, as well. What's the difference between a challenge and a game? Mainly, the games are just quick/fun activities that usually only take 1-2 minutes to complete. Challenges, on the other hand, are more involved and typically require you to make something/scrap a page/etc.
    4. WIN YOUR WISHLIST --- This promotion launched on Sunday 9/25, and the winner was announced in the TDP newsletter on Friday 9/30.

    Meanwhile, we've already noticed a lot of new faces in our forum over the past few days... and we'd love to get to know each of you better! Thus... if you're new around these parts, please leave a post in this thread that tells us a little about you! Doesn't have to be anything formal or in-depth... just a few fun facts. For instance, "I have had 2 knee surgeries, 1 back surgery, and 2 emergency c-sections... and I love coffee ice cream and hide it from my husband/kids under the frozen peas in the freezer" will do! #TrueStory
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    ~ Laura ~

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    Hi Laura-Do we need to track which challenges we have participated in? Thanks!


    • Laura Passage
      Laura Passage commented
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      Nope, not really! As long as you post your finished creation (or whatever is required for the challenge) in the thread for that challenge -- we will have what we need -- as that post will be your record of having participated (and will also allow us to use random.org to choose winners from each challenge thread, based on the order people post their entries).

      Easy, peasy!

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    So far there are only 5 challenges posted for DSD correct? Or am I missing them somewhere. I think I have DSD brain. Is that a thing?? ROFL Laura Passage


    • Kiana
      Kiana commented
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      And if I had of come to this thread I would see the other two will be posted tomorrow. Like I said, I have DSD Brain ... that's my story and I'm sticking to it ! ROFL

    • Laura Passage
      Laura Passage commented
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      Hahaha! No worries! The last 2 are in the process of going live right now, I believe. So they'll all be available really soon!

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    Throwback Thursday: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/for...8791#post38791
    Make a Siggie: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/for...8905#post38905
    Kitchen Sink: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/for...9086#post39086
    Slow Scrap: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/for...9353#post39353
    Scraplift Challenge: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/for...9354#post39354
    Template Challenge: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/for...enge#post39302
    Color Challenge: http://forums.thedigitalpress.co/for...9346#post39346

    I am just doing to this for myself - last year I missed one and don't want to make the same mistake again.

    I have had three C-sections, have three cats, grew up in a house #3 and my favourite number is 7.


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      I'm just kind of a lurker here.

      I am outnumbered 4 to 1 (hubby, dog, 2 boys) at my house. I finally met someone IRL that digiscraps- and she's my neighbor!!!


      • Laura Passage
        Laura Passage commented
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        Ha ha, same! I am outnumbered 3-to-1 (hubs and 2 boys; no dog, though!).