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DSD Challenge: Scraplift Tag

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    What a fun challenge! Grabbing my spot here so I´ll be lifting something from Mommyish! :D


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      I am going to jump in and scraplift this page from Cinna.

      Sorry it took me so long to get it done. Here is mine.
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      • Cinna
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        Oooh can´t wait to see what you make! <3

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      So I will lift Hillary

      My gallery:


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        I will lift jetjez's layout:

        Link to my gallery here at TDP:

        Here's my lift!
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          I'm lifting from you Amie!!


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            I'm going to scrap lift this awesome layout from Sabrina! If it's not too late to be scrap lifted, my gallery is HERE.

            ere's mine.
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            • Sabrina
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              Thank you so much!! I love your layout! It is an awesome photo of your girls!

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            Michelle, I am heading to your gallery to choose a lifty page!!
            My gallery is here:

            I've picked this one:
            see ya later.

            Here's my finished page: (hope it works this time!)
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            • michelepixels
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              Thanks for scrap lifting me!

              I can't see your finished page. That link goes to the gallery home page.

            • michelepixels
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              Now I can see it! Awesome! I like those stitched triangles.

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            I've chosen this page by Glee (it was hard to choose one - your gallery is beautiful)

            and here's my lift

            My gallery is here
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            • glee
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              Thanks for the compliment Anne; love your take on it!

            • Anne PC
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              Thanks Glee

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            I lifted this one from Mommyish:

            ...and my layout:

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              So I waited until the last second to do this challenge because I didn't want someone to get stuck having to scraplift the one item I had in my gallery--a siggy. LOL! I added a few new layouts over the weekend so now I'm ready to play tag.

              I scraplifted this layout by Cinna:

              Here's my page:

              You can find my gallery at
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              • Cinna
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                Thanks for lifting my layout! Love what you made Jenni and what a happy photo! ❤️